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This wine sets itself apart with its light, energetic, and “full of freshness” character.

Pinot Blanc

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A delicately fruity, fresh and versatile rounded wine.


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A gastronomic wine, which pairs well with fish and white meats owing to its dryness, minerality and a great backbone of acidity paired with a delicate floral side.


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Fresh, elegant and amazingly dry, Muscat expresses the grape’s aroma so well you will feel like you were eating the fruit!

Pinot Gris

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This rounded and balanced wine develops complex aromas of slightly smoky forest floors.


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This is a full-bodied, and generous wine with a complete palette of aromas. It’s one of the famous Alsace wines.

Pinot Noir

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This is the only grape variety in Alsace used to produce red wine. It’s a light and fruity wine, revealing delicate notes of red fruits.

Pinot Noir Rosé

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A smooth and fresh rosé.

Crémant Blanc

A unique terroir : Winzenberg Grand Cru

The Pierre Sperry’s wine estate is located in Blienschwiller, a small village at the foot of Winzenberg Grand Cru.

The geological specificity of Winzenberg gives to its wines a liveliness and a crystalline purity noticeable at every level of tasting.

“Winzenberg” comes from “vinetum” in Latin, then translated in German in “Weingarten”, which stands for vine garden. As if it would be impossible to grow any other plants other than vine on this hillside overhanging Blienschwiller.

The granitic terroirs produce great Gewurztraminers. However, beautiful Rieslings are also cultivated on those renowned slopes.