The History of a Family

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The Pierre SPERRY wines have always been around satisfying French connoisseurs of Alsace wine. During large events or simply for a family meal, SPERRY wines gather people who like drinking great wines.

In 2014, when Jean-Pierre and Yvette SPERRY decided to hand on their domain located in Blienschwiler, Ludovic and Guillaume HAULLER took this opportunity to settle in Alsace and continue the venture.

Jean Pierre Sperry

A whole life spent to produce elegant and delicate wines : Jean Pierre and Yvette SPERRY shared their passion of Alsace wines all around France.

In 2014, Ludovic and Guillaume HAULLER took over the winery with the same goal : sharing their passion of elegant and delicate Alsace wines.

Claude Hauller

From independent producer to winemaker-merchant, a contemporary vision of Alsace wine.

In 1990, Claude Hauller joined the company, enabling his father Louis to focus on the vineyard and the winemaking. Claude developed partnerships on a regional scale, and later, on a national scale.

Together, they managed in 25 years to enlarge the wine estate’s production, while often being rewarded by dedicated contests and guides (concours agricole de Paris, Guide Hachette, Concours des Meilleurs Riesling du Monde…).

Ludovic & Guillaume Hauller

A fresh impetus

In 2015, the two sons of Claude and Laurence; Ludovic and Guillaume decided to bring their skills and abilities to the family estate.

Guillaume is working on vines, and Ludovic takes care of the marketing. The two brothers want to consolidate, sustain and develop the company’s activity while developing a modern vision in a constantly changing world.

Today, the two sons, both passionate winemakers, continue to write the family’s history with a view to maybe one day bequeathing this passion to their children.

Our Philosophy

Sperry and Hauller: the history of two family of winegrowers

On the occasion of the 2014 harvest, Ludovic and Guillaume Hauller decided to take over the Pierre SPERRY domain, in order to keep sharing the passion that links Famille Hauller and Famille SPERRY.

The two Hauller brothers are descended from 8 generations of traditional craftsmanship and have always been in touch with viticulture as their parents are currently the heads of the Famille Hauller wine estate, first settled in Dambach-La-Ville in 1776.

Alsace, a Land of Grand Cru

Famille Hauller today produces 3 out of the 51 Grand Cru of Alsace.

Those exceptional terroirs comprised of Frankstein Grand Cru, Winzenberg Grand Cru, and Zinnkoepflé Grand Cru allow the wine estate a precious bond to these unique panels of soil.

Heritage and innovation

Specialising in Alsace wine, Famille Hauller uses its ancestral knowhow to consider new issues and offer modern and innovative solutions, to respond to its clients’ demand all over the world.

The wine estate is one of the first in Alsace to introduce “Vinolok”’s cork. You can find these glass stoppers on Cuvée S’s bottles, a must-have in the Famille Hauller’s wine range.

Discover the Cuvée "S"

The Love of a Well-done Job

A willingness to always go further is a valuable trait displayed by the previous 8 generations of winemakers, making the estate into a rigorous, proactive and dynamic company.

« Only a few families know how to respect traditions, develop a competency, and have the willingness to imagine and surpass themselves. »Louis Hauller

Our Terroirs

Dambach-La-Ville : The heart of Alsace

Located halfway between Strasbourg and Colmar, and 10 minutes away by car from Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, Dambach-La-Ville is one of the biggest wine village in Alsace.

Wines from Dambach-La-Ville, and particularly its Frankstein Grand Cru are world known for their precision, elegance and fineness.

Video of Dambach-la-Ville

A unique terroir: Winzenberg Grand Cru

The Pierre Sperry’s wine estate is located in Blienschwiller, a small village at the foot of Winzenberg Grand Cru.

The geological specificity of Winzenberg gives to its wines a liveliness and a crystalline purity noticeable at every level of tasting.

“Winzenberg” comes from “vinetum” in Latin, then translated in German in “Weingarten”, which stands for vine garden. As if it would be impossible to grow any other plants other than vine on this hillside overhanging Blienschwiller.

A range of various vines

Alsace has a multitude of grape varieties which allow numerous complementary food and wine pairing. While Riesling is master of our vineyard in Dambach-La-Ville, Gewurztraminer reigns in the south, in Soultzmatt.

Famille Hauller wishes to express the uniqueness of each terroir through its favourite grape variety. No contrivance or tricks, only the identity of each place transmitted through the personality of each grape variety.

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